Outstanding Results

We hired Attention To Detail to do two projects for us. Both projects resulted in outstanding results. Our first project was very intensive. It included resurfacing close to 4,000 square feet of concrete that was poured almost 30 years ago. Our business is a pet boarding facility and the footage was divided into 60 kennels divided by concrete block. It took meticulous work to get into every corner. The other project was a newly constructed shop at 3600 square feet. Attention to Detail diamond ground the entire surface, place a gray coating followed by my choice of colored flaking and then placing two coats of clear over the entire footage. I could not have been more pleased with the results. It’s now been almost seven months since it was completed and it still looks good as new. It’s a fantastic surface to keep clean. I’ve had multiple vehicles on it to include ones with rubber tracks turning around and none have left a mark. I can only speak the highest of satisfaction to Attention To Detail’s end product and highly recommend them to anyone wanting a professional product. They are a professional, quality driven company.

David Harmon gave 5 stars, Mar. 2016