Do you like your garage to look nice and have a clean, organized appearance? If you want a garage with an attractive appearance, start at the foundation and work your way up. With a fine-tuned garage floor, you can set the tone of the room and establish a positive first impression. If your garage floor could do with repair or resurfacing work, talk to Attention to Detail Concrete Coating in Fargo, ND.

Our Services

We provide garage floor resurfacing services that will exceed your expectations and give your garage the boost in appearance and functionality you’re looking for. Crapped or chipped concrete? Don’t worry, we can provide garage floor repair to the damaged areas. Lackluster or grungy appearance? We’ll resurface it and make it look as good as it did on day one.

Get the garage floor you’ve dreamed about with the help of the Attention to Detail Concrete Coating team in Fargo, ND. Our team of experts will analyze the problem floor and then put our hard work to the test to provide you with results.

We’re so confident in our preparation and our materials that we offer a guarantee that the coating we apply to your garage floor will stay adhered to your floor for the life of your home, barring natural disasters, maintenance neglect, and similar circumstances.

Request your free quote for your Fargo, ND, project today.