Resinous floor coating installation
polyaspartic, epoxy, polyurea, urethanes, etc.

Adhesive/mastic removal and coatings
Removal of any substance on a surface that isn’t desired

Concrete surface grinding
a favorable fashion to profile concrete for coatings installation

Concrete surface repair
we repair any concrete defect to include cracks, spalls, divots & misc damage

Shot blasting
a fashion to profile concrete for the installation of moisture vapor barriers and other heavy-bodied coatings

Concrete joint filling
the filling of “saw cuts” in concrete, which can either be accomplished in conjunction with coatings installation or as a stand alone service

Moisture testing
the measure of the moisture content or moisture movement in the concrete, will often determine the need of a moisture vapor barrier

NEW Exterior concrete sealing
prevents moisture freeze-thaw cycles, prevent the penetration of harsh chemicals & allow for the use of salt on the surface